Sábado 21 de Octubre


  • The Origins Of The Most Hated Boots In The World

    Trends aren’t something we should follow all the time. There are many cases of really hideous things becoming fashionable for no apparent logical reason. Do you remember those good old days when everybody wore those hideous velvet track pants? Simply AW-FUL! And what about those ugly foam clogs? Okay, I must admit I still rock a couple pair of those in my house, but honestly they’re not pretty, on the contrary, they’re just weird looking shoes with holes I don’t really understand. Yet, they’re still here, and they have just made a collaboration with a huge couture house. But let’s go back. Just like these examples, there are millions, because although fashion is all about looking good and chic, it has a dark and, honestly, quite terrible past. 

  • 5 Wild Tales of Tour Buses, Groupies, And Trashed Hotel Rooms

    Who hasn’t fantasized at least once about being in a band? In a band, your job is to play awesome music, look cool, and party hard. If you’re on tour, every day is a new city, new people, and new adventures. Even the worst, most unknown bands get to live the rock and roll lifestyle. But sometimes all the fun can become too much fun, and that’s where we get the craziest stories: overdoses, wild parties, and all the sex you could ever want. The stories you’ll find here are about some of the most memorable experiences on the road. 

  • Clive Barker: The Master Of Horror Who Left Stephen King Tongue-Tied Out Of Fear

    You’re probably thinking the same as me: is it possible for someone to scare the guy who has given us the most frightening stories in the last decades? It’s not unlike someone saying that there’s a filmmaker making better suspense movies than Hitchcock’s. However, although it may sound impossible there is one, and his name is Clive Barker, whose short stories, novellas, and novels have been thoroughly competing to get the title of “Master of Horror". 

  • Sally Mann's Photo Of A Young Girl Having A Smoke That Shocked An Entire Country

    Take a moment to look closely at the picture and analyze what it makes you feel. For most cases, it provokes anger while others think it’s a masterpiece, not only due to the way it captures its subject, but for its composition and use of light. If you’re one of the first ones, why do you think it makes you feel uncomfortable or even offended? Is it the fact that a young girl is holding a cigarette? Is it her pose? Perhaps, her strong stare and attitude? Or maybe all of this. Since the publication of Intimate Family in 1992 (the book including this particular image) many authors have written about it, especially due to the controversy it raised. Why would a mother take and publish a picture of her daughter like this?

  • What Happens If They Hack Your Sex Robot And Other Weird Techy Questions

    With the astonishing evolution of technology, it’s easy to be overwhelmed or even scared. Once you’ve started getting used to how your new tablet or smart TV works, a new version of your gadget appears with a completely different software and even more sophisticated functions. So if those simple changes can be upsetting, think about those advances that are even more elaborate and which we don’t fully understand, such AI, hacking, and robotics. The possible outcomes of the advances on these areas can seem kind of apocalyptic, especially if we think about all those Hollywood blockbusters about machines revolting and killer robots. However, there’s no reason to really worry about a robot rebellion happening any time soon. For now, the only thing we should worry about is the use we give to gadgets and technology in our everyday lives.

  • Fotografías para aprender a amar cada rincón de tu cuerpo

    Pararse frente a un espejo es, dependiendo del cristal con que se mire, un acto de profunda cobardía o de una valentía pocas veces reconocida. En el primero de los casos, la mirada se enfrenta a un bucle interminable de dimensiones y posibilidades de existir, al menos virtualmente: el infinito. Tal como Jorge Luis Borges lo postuló, los espejos y la cópula son espeluznantes pues ambos se encargan de prolongar la existencia del hombre hasta nivele inimaginables; en ese sentido, pesar en el infinito dentro de un espejo es negarnos a nosotros mismos la posibilidad de la no existencia, de modo que no nos permitimos la posibilidad de morir o de concebir un espacio y tiempo sin nuestra presencia en el Universo. 

  • Ódiame más: diputado panista luce playera del América en el Congreso

    Las Águilas del América vencieron ayer, 18 de octubre, a las Chivas Rayadas de Guadalajara por un marcador de 2-1 en una edición más del devaluado Clásico Nacional. Con goles de Oribe Peralta y del mediocamipista ecuatoriano Renato Ibarra, el cuadro azulcrema se impuso a los dirigidos por Matías Almeyda. La victoria del Club América dejó un sinfín de memes y algunas otras postales para recordar, como la continuación de la bronca entre Álvaro Morales y José Ramón Fernández, conductores de la cadena ESPN.